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# 2 von Jane
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Thanks Friederike for dropping by and for leaving a comment.When you visited this site, it was still being set up and arranged and a busy teaching schedule got a bit in the way…. However, since reading your comment, I have been working on ways that I can share what I am doing and learning with other interested people. For this reason I am currently setting up an eZine, “The Sidewalk Cafe” where we can virtually sit and chat about our experiences in using new media and social media in English language teaching and learning. I have updated the “”About”" page to give more information on where you can find more information. At this time, I do not have plans to be active at this site for the general public, but rather for my students to help them as they work on their “eNotebooks“. (However, life does have a way of jumping in and changing all one’s plans…. ) Again thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. All the best,Eileen

# 1 von Taiwanno
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EFL generally teahces business, leisure and travel language. ESL or ESOL is aimed at learners who reside in a native English speaking country. The content of the ESOL lesson differs from the content of EFL lessons as it aims on teaching language for day-to-day usage and vocation-focused vocabulary.

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